Physiotherapy involves treatment of your body’s muscle and bones that have been subject to injury or trauma. Advanced Health + Sports Clinic treats and rehabilitates sprains, strains, post surgery, post fracture, and repetitive injuries.

The Advanced Health Difference

Our team of highly trained physiotherapists and clinicians combine hands-on, one-on-one clinical reasoning with evidence-based practice in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Physio helps treat the following conditions


Pre and Post Surgical Care of all Orthopedic Conditions (hip, shoulder, knee, foot, ankle, etc.)

Fracture Rehabilitation

Balance/Vertigo Rehabilitation

Postural Training

Arthritis Management

Back/Neck Rehabilitation

Concussion Management

Nerve Pain Management

Repetitive Strain Injury Management


Joint Pain Management

Headache Management

Manual Therapy/McKenzie Treatment

Spinal Stabilization

Muscle and Ligament Strains and Sprains

Myofascial Release

What to Expect

Initial Visit: 60 mins, one-on-one
Subsequent Visits: 30 mins, one-on-one

Advanced Health + Sports Clinic physiotherapy treatment starts with an initial 60 minute thorough medical screen. We discuss patient history and conduct a comprehensive physical assessment to develop your custom patient care plan to help you reach your health goals. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care with a unique individualized approach to get you not just back to normal, but better than before.

Our physiotherapists offer the following techniques:

  •        Intramuscular Stimulation/Dry Needling (IMS)
  •        Spinal & Extremity Manipulation
  •        Spinal & Extremity Mobilization
  •        Soft tissue manual therapy
  •        Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation
  •        Home Exercise Programs
  •        K-Taping & Athletic Taping
  •        Therapeutic Modalities (TENS, Electro-Muscular Stimulation, Ultrasound)
  •        Mackenzie Spine Institute Rehab
  •        Pain Neuroscience Education

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